Thursday, August 30, 2012

all grown up

the time has come to move on to bigger and better...

you can now find my blog with my new and improved website!

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i hope you'll check out my new work and follow me on there :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

mary + brad + lily

last week i got the chance to work with and photograph one of the most fun-loving families i've ever been around. i met up with mary, brad, and lily downtown by the water on a saturday evening shortly before sunset... great location, great timing... LOTS of tourists in the way! this group was so flexible and easy to work with and i was excited to capture the excitement and joy they had just simply being around each other :)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

internship two, day eighteen

a new task with this internship and i've found something else i love doing with photos...
 putting together albums! 

i had to wait to post these specific photos because the couple wasn't going to see the finished product until their big day, but now i can finally post a small sample of what i've been doing while working in the office with eric. this is a book for the couple's reception using images eric took from their engagement session.

i'm still loving what i'm doing and have lots of updates to post on here, so stay tuned :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

wendy + jon - southport, nc wedding

my first wedding job as a paid employee! :)

for this super cute wedding in southport, i assisted and did some second shooting for susie linquist, my first internship photographer. the bride and groom [wendy + jon] were both so sweet and easy to work with, along with the rest of the bridal party, family and friends. these people were there to simply celebrate the marriage of the beautiful couple and have a good time. it was a little rainy when we first started that afternoon, but the bride was smart to bring clear umbrellas to use in the photos as a cover up. just before the wedding started the sky cleared up and it didn't start raining again until the end of the night, making so much easier to take the photos (and more fun for everyone in them!)

Monday, May 28, 2012

internship two, day eight

my first engagement session with eric - we drove up to burgaw, about 30 minutes north of town, to meet marianne and daniel on the farm where marianne keeps her horse. it was a beautiful location with huge open fields and stables for the horses... however there were plenty of bugs AND a snake - not fun!

i didn't do too much shooting for this session because it was my first with eric and i wanted to spend some time observing how he operates as a photographer and interacts with his clients. it's definitely interesting to see the difference when switching from one photographer to the next for these internships.

so far in the new internship i've been doing a lot of design work for eric in the office - hopefully i'll be able to post some of it up here. while i've always thought i just wanted to shoot and avoid the business side of...well, the business... i have to say i am starting to enjoy those tasks, as well. it never ceases to amaze me just how much i love doing this on a daily basis, even if it isn't taking pictures all the time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

internship two, day three

a new semester, a new internship. 

for the next two months i will be working with eric boneske and so far i am already loving this gig. from the moment i walked in the door, eric was so welcoming and ready to help me learn. i am beyond excited about the following eight weeks!

eric is also a wedding photographer here in town, but my first shoot with him was for a new regional magazine: 

we spent the morning at cameron art museum to get shots for the magazine and i had a chance to get to know quinn cook, the magazine's publisher. as always, i am thrilled to meet people who are so passionate about and dedicated to what they do, and quinn is no exception. i can't wait for the first issue of her magazine to come out!

both quinn and eric were kind enough to let me take some shots of my own, as well as some behind the scene photos to document the morning. multiple locations within the museum were used for this shoot, but all of these images are from the cafe in the museum.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

whole foods

i recently had the opportunity to work with whole foods grocery to promote local vendors here in wilmington for their new store's grand opening. photos and short stories about the owners and their businesses will be printed for in-store displays to let customers know who's making their products. this was definitely an amazing experience and i really enjoyed getting to know each of the owners. there were so many great qualities about these people and what they're selling, but my favorite part about them is that they are all doing what they love.

here are two of the assignments i shot for the store...

sara webster, creator & founder
topsail beach, nc

rich roehl & kris bell, owners
kure beach, nc